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Jack is looking for a full-time position. Remote or New York-based is preferred, but he’s open to moving if necessary. He’s also accepting freelance graphic design, type design, and lettering work. Email him or DM him on Instagram.

RISD Class of 2020 Yearbook

Jack collaborated with the 2020 RISD Design Guild team on the RISD Class of 2020 Yearbook. He also created a "2020" version of the official/alternate RISD seal originally designed by John Howard Benson, which is featured on the back of the book.

DESIGN: Jennifer Joung, Jack Halten Fahnestock, Tiger Dingsun, Corinne Ang. PHOTOGRAPHY: Anita Qian, Caius Chew, Mati Gavasheli, Josiah Gill, Alvin Yu, Isabel Fernandez-Pujol. ADDITIONAL HELP: Julie Alter, Labelle Chang, Madi Ko, Minji Koo, Soleil Singh, Amanda Yang